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Promoting Rights & Advancing Policies on Disability

KODAF holds seminars and forums to share information on policies and legislation regarding disability issues as well as organizing task forces to resolve the issues. Throughout the resolution, we conduct a coordinated political activity with DPOs and CSOs


Task Force on resolving disability issues: Focusing on amending laws and legislation on disabilities for advocating and ensuring disability rights

Alliance with other DPOs: Alliance with other DPOs on general and presidential elections

Forum on Disability issue: Forum on discussing disability related issues along with practical solutions with the public sector and authorities

Advancing legislation: Reforming legislations and legal framework on disability issues

Research on the regional welfare services and education: Conducting research on the current framework for PwD including data analysis of current service

Publication of a triweekly magazine on disability policies: KODAF provides the magazine to CSOs, DPOs, and subscribers

Capacity Building & Enhancing Networks among CSOs and DPOs

KODAF holds seminars and forums to build capacity, enhance networking among DPOs and CSOs and coordinate work to promote the rights of PwD. KODAF provides opportunities to discuss current disability issues on local and global levels with other stakeholders.


Frequent network and capacity building programs for Executive Officers and Directors of DPOs: Forum on disability issues for Executive Directors of DPOs to increase understanding of disability issues

Forum on disability issues for Executive Directors of DPOs: Building capacity and promoting understanding the disability issues for Executive Directors of DPOs

Altogether Networking Convention: Gathering of the participants, the executive directors and officers of major DPOs nationwide, to review and discuss the results on the current status of the regional framework and suggestions and enhance networking among DPOs

New Year’s Day Ceremony: Gathering to discuss the anticipated issues and demands that will be presented to the government afterwards

International Cooperation

KODAF provides information and shares news of domestic and international DPOs and policies to the DPOs and CSOs to build capacity on policy and the movements in the field of disabilities at International level


Translating UN ENABLE Newsletter into Korean: Providing UN ENABLE Newsletter in Korean to UN DSPD, and sharing it with Korean disability community to build capacity and knowledge. The newsletter features what is going on in the UN, UN DESA/DSPD, and DPOs worldwide.

Distributing KODAF Monthly Newsletter: Providing information on the national policies of Korea to DPOs, CSOs, and stakeholders all around the world

Capacity building project: Providing capacity program for disability related organizations from worldwide to build one’s own capacity

Participation in UN activities: KODAF, holding a special consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of UN (ECOSOC) since 2014, participated in UN activities to contribute to the achievement of SDGs. We co-organized Art Exhibition as a side event for the UN, entitled “Like Flowers, Like Stars (TBC)” with the Permanent Mission of Korea to UN

Holding International conferences: Holding international conferences in order to promote the current status on disability in Korea and worldwide. KODAF has held side event on Income Security for PwD at the 8th conference of States Parties to the CRPD on 10 June 2015

Improving Disability Awareness

KODAF promotes public awareness of disability issues through multi-media portals and platforms, including social networks, to advance disability awareness to persons with and without disabilities. Disability awareness campaigns and projects include:


Disability Awareness Campaign: Conducting various campaigns to promote public awareness on disability issues

Hyundai Camp for Youth with and without disabilities: Camp for youth with and without disabilities to increase disability awareness

Celebrating the Day of PwD: Commemorating the Day of Persons with Disabilities annually

Kookmin Bank (hereafter KB) Job Camp for Youth with Disabilities: Job camp for students with disabilities, (age range 12-22). The program is designed to help youth with disabilities find and pursue a career throughout 6 months of 1:1 mentoring program. (For high school and college levels, the program focuses on vocational rehabilitation)

KB Study Aids Distribution Project for Freshman College Students: Distributing laptops, computers, iPad, Android Tablets, and other devices to assist students with disabilities in university

Aramco Scholarship for students with disabilities: Scholarships for students with disabilities studying science and engineering


Annual Disability Rights Awards

KODAF organizes an Annual Disability Rights Award ceremony to commemorate International day of PwD and the Declaration of the Charter of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


Disability Rights Awards: Organizing the Disability Rights Award

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