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2018 New Year’s Day Ceremony!


Within the coordination with the stakeholders, we can make a difference. 


KODAF and Korea Federation of Organizations of the Disabled (KOFOD) have been celebrating the New Year’s Day with the DPOs, Government sector, and academics. Next year, we will mark the decade of New Year’s Day for encouraging the DPOs and stakeholders to promote the rights of persons with disabilities. Throughout the Ceremony, the participants gather and celebrate the New Year’s Day with rice cake soup and rice cake, a traditional Korean food as well as sharing the common goals for this year. 


For this year’s ceremony, 150 participants from DPOs, Government, and academics gathered and celebrated the New Year’s Day on 9 January 2018 at E-Room Center in Seoul. With the slogan “Design Our Life(우리의 삶을 디자인하라)”, the participants wished to bring the change that will be derived throughout collective endeavor to promote the rights of persons with disabilities. 


This year, the participants will strive to a) ensure the right to work; b) alternatives to the abolishment of Disability Ranking System; c) active solidarity. Throughout the Ceremony, the participants will also conclude this year’s major issue as well as reaffirming the common goal of DPOs.  



Photo Caption: Participants from DPOs and, the Government, and Academics (2018)



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