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KODAF Interview - Kim Na Rae



[As a new member of KODAF I wanted to know more about the colleagues I am working with. So I decided to prepare some questions about their background, position at KODAF, and themselves.

As they are not often in the spotlight and answered well to the questions, I decided to expose their words in this post. Hoping it will emphasize their good personalities and dedication to their work.]



- Kim Na Rae, External Cooperation Team Staff.- 

What is your major?

My major is Social welfare.

Can you tell me more about your daily work and responsibilities?

I manage everything that deals with external relations such as companies, schools, other organizations, associations. I also take part of team projects and organize events. There is an annual report as well published by KODAF on which I am working on.



"I just realized they were normal persons just like us."


When did you arrive in the organization?


I arrived at KODAF on February 2017. It is my first job after graduating. A funny fact is that I started working for KODAF two weeks before my graduation day.

How have you heard about KODAF?

I heard about KODAF when I was at the university, there was a public statement I found. From that I decided to send my application.

Why did you want to work for an organization related to disability?

When I was at the university I did a lot of volunteering activities helping Persons with Disabilities. For example, I participated to the Disability Day on April 20th: I tried crossing the road in wheelchair and took public transportation as if I was a blind person. By doing that, I just realized they were normal persons just like us and I wanted to help them more claiming for their rights.



"One person said 'thank you' to me. Those words are the most 

meaningful, that’s what motivates me working at KODAF."


What do you like about your job?

I really like the fact that at KODAF we directly receive information on new policies. As a result, it helps our organization being more efficient on running concrete actions to help Persons with Disabilities.


I also like to participate to events like KB Hope Camp, because I can directly interact with Students with Disabilities. On top of that, I truly think that young people are the bearer of hope and improvements in the society, that’s why it is important to communicate good messages for future generations.

Do you have any achievements, memory you are proud of/ that means a lot to you?

When I participated to KB Hope Camp, one person said 'thank you' to me and said that she will want to come back again on future events because of me. Those words are the most meaningful and that’s what motivates me to work at KODAF.


What your relatives say about yourself?

They would say that I am very kind and a cheerful person!




Miss Marion Zerbib (Intern at KODAF)




 My name is Marion Zerbib, I am a French graduate student in Business. 

 I am doing a 5 month internship at KODAF and I am in charge of writing reports about 

 events organized by KODAF. 

 Every writing is the result of my personal observation and reflects only my point of view.


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