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KODAF interview - Cho Seok Hwan





[Let’s start June with a second interview of a "kodafian". This one is maybe shorter than the previous one but the sincerity putting in it would certainly not make it less enjoyable. I wish you an interesting reading!]


- Cho Seok Hwan, External Cooperation Team Staff. -

What is your major? Where did you work before joining KODAF?

I majored in Business Administration and Social Welfare. It is my first job!


Can you tell me more about your daily work and responsibilities?

I am working on all the major events of KODAF but I am also in charge of different projects. Usually 2 persons per event are working together. I am mostly helping in the organization of a Forum which occurs 4 times a year, from 7 am to 8.30 pm. This event consists in discussing about new policies, first with small groups and then gathering with all the DPOs.

The second event I am working on is the ‘Human Right Award’ which takes place 20 times a year. It requires about 6 months of preparation.




‘I am proud to see that students without disabilities 

are helping students with disabilities.’



When did you arrive in the organization?

I started working for KODAF on November 2017.


Why did you want to work for an organization related to disability?

During my studies I was volunteering in an organization for the welfare of persons with disabilities. This experience made me want to work in the disability sector.


What do you like about your job?

I like the fact that I can be informed and contribute to promote new policies to persons with disabilities.


Do you have any achievements, memory you are proud of/ that means a lot to you?

I am proud to see that students without disabilities are helping students with disabilities. That’s why I like my job. One good memory was a camp that took place on February at Jeju Island. During 2 days, I visited places, played games, had walks with students with disabilities. That was a great memory.


What your relatives say about yourself?

They say that I am funny, dynamic, kind, shy and modest.




Miss Marion Zerbib (Intern at KODAF)




 My name is Marion Zerbib, I am a French graduate student in Business. 

 I am doing a 5 month internship at KODAF and I am in charge of writing reports about 

 events organized by KODAF. 

 Every writing is the result of my personal observation and reflects only my point of view.



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