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KB Summer Camp for University Students - June 2018



From June 27th (Wed) to June 29th (Frid) took place the KB Summer Camp for university students.



After the first edition of this year with all the academic levels, this time 40 students were participating as well as KODAF members. For this second KB Hope Camp we gathered at Gapyeong (가평) in an educational training center (교원). This 3-day, 2-night event was focused on the skills development and interviews to prepare students to enter the workplace for their future first job. Indeed, as persons with disabilities have more difficulties to enter the job market and they need proper tools in order to be ready and have equal opportunities as persons without disabilities. 




In each team, there was a team leader to coordinate the activities, give tips, and orientate the students.  On top of that there was a mentor for each mentee so that the support is the most personalized.

The students were wearing a special t-shirt designed by 3 students on the previous camp. After the first day was introduced by the secretary general of KODAF, they were actually given an award for their design to have been selected as the logo of the KB Hope Camp Program. I thought it was a good way and reward to appreciate the creativity and skills of the students with and without disabilities. 




The second part of the day was consisting in the “Story telling”. With the help of their mentor, mentees had to illustrate, in 40 minutes, with a drawing, a difficulties that they have experienced or are experiencing in their university life, with their friends or family. Then they had to go around the table to explain what they wanted to represent and how they overcame this difficulty. It was a very good moment to share a part of their story and personal experience, open to others and find comfort when similarities. 




The KODAF team provided a sort of stencil with messages about the KB Hope Camp. We took photos of the students, printed it and made a board of photos. It was really fun and everyone seems to enjoy it.




The next activity was the Interview tips. The speaker who animated was giving tips to well communicate during professional interviews as well as a method to know how to succeed a recruitment interview. I guess every point mentioned was relevant and he did a good presentation but he was speaking too fast without taking into account students with disabilities, especially deaf students. He may have adapted his speech to his public. Anyway, the team leaders were there to help students in practice. Thus, until 6 pm they did different exercises such as how to develop an idea from general facts to detailed ones, in order to organize their ideas and speech. After each activity students volunteered to explain orally what they wrote for the exercise. There was a good listening and support from student which created a pleasant atmosphere.




On day 2, a professor and team leader of the Shin Han University from the Department of Social Welfare started the day by explaining the goal of this new session: “How to highlight its skills and assets”, and how to write a cover letter by introducing itself. It was also focused on self-understanding. Students had to answer these questions: "what did I really want to become when I was young?”, "If there is something I really want to accomplish in my life, what is it?" "What is the image of me I want to be remembered by others?”. 




Last but not least, from 2 pm to 4 pm it was the Interview time. Using tools learnt during the program, teams had to prepare and take an interview in front of “judges” which were team leaders. While students were taking the interviews, it was the opportunity to talk with the students and get to know them better.  




The last part was the Interview feedback. Professors, team leaders who were judging students during the interview, gave their global impression and the assessment was quite positive.





At the end of the afternoon, it was a moment to enjoy the beautiful nature and to have some fun outside with the students. 


Overall impression:

The place chosen for the event was a very pleasant environment to create cohesion between the students. There were ping pong tables and games so that they can have some breaks and keep on being motivated with the activities. Also the speakers, team leaders  and KODAF members did a good job to animate these 3 days. It was so far the best event I have participated with KODAF.

Moreover I think that the idea is pretty smart and that it helps students being more confident with their future career choices.




Miss Marion Zerbib (Intern at KODAF)  



 My name is Marion Zerbib, I am a French graduate student in Business. 

 I am doing a 5 month internship at KODAF and I am in charge of writing reports about 

 events organized by KODAF. 

 Every writing is the result of my personal observation and reflects only my point of view.


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