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KB Hope Camp for Middle School Students - July 2018


Day 1

From July 25th to 27th Middle School students gathered for the KB Middle School Camp, at the Elysian Gangchon (강촌) Resort. Like the last Camp, we welcomed the students in front of the National Assembly Station exit 4 and at 12.35 pm we arrived at the Elysian Resort.


The program started at 1.40 pm with the Orientation: an introduction of the 8 months mentoring KB Hope Camp, and an explanation of this 3-days 2-nights camp objective. Mentor leaders (멘토장) stood up to introduce themselves and 2 middle school students received a gift as they designed the KB logo for the t-shirts’ design.

We couldn’t truly start the day without taking a picture of the participants!




Then at 2.15 pm the 6 groups gathered for the first activity entitled “Finding my roots” (나의 뿌리를 찾아서). On each table, students could use several stickers representing characters or actions (dancer, singer, persons fighting, money etc). The principle of this activity was to choose among these stickers 3 images that represent well what students like to do and stick it on their “storybook”. Then they had to focus on 3 stickers that illustrate what they wanted to do in the past, what they want to do in the present and what they want to become in the future. Then on a blank space they have to explain their choice, why they want to do this job, or to become this kind person etc. Mentees Almost 1 hour and 30 minutes were given to the students to do this activity, and the mentor leader (멘토장) of each group could help giving advices or additional explanation.




At 3.15 pm, it was time to do a round table so that mentors and mentees could explain what was the beginning of their story. I especially think that this kind of “debriefing part” is very good for students to share with the others their wishes and be encouraged. So they started to expose their work in the group and then orally in front of the other groups.



My first impression is that there was a very nice atmosphere, every group seems happy to do the activities and is well focused. KODAF staff also made sure that the succession of activities was going well.

After a little break, at 4 pm, started the second activity of the day: “How to express myself” (나를 표현하는 방법).  A speaker came to animate the activity: he explained what is the good method to succeed in expressing ourselves, from organizing what we want, to express it orally in front of an audience.



After the presentation students had to put into practice what they learnt by writing 5 sentences of introduction in their storybook. Among it 4 were true and 1 was false. The other duos had to guess the true of the false. Secondly, the speaker showed initial letter of movie title and students had to guess what was the movie full title. It was really fun and it added a little break after the activities.



Then they had 15 minutes to write a story telling following this guideline:


-       Emphasize clear greetings and names loudly

-       Emphasis on one’s own strengths

-       Highlight your strengths based on experience (situation, problem, resolution)

-       Give your ambition to live on


On that story line, students had to do an oral presentation while being attentive to their gesture and attitude.

I thought that the speaker was really good. He manages to animate at least 2 hours of activities, his presentation and instructions were clear, and he succeeded in making it entertaining with games without losing the goal of the activity.

After the diner at 7 pm, we finished the day with “Who is good at it?” (누가누가 잘하나). It consisted in dance and music performances!



Day 2

The second day started with a nice breakfast and at 9.30 am followed by the first activity: “flying to my dream job” (직업에 날개달기). With their story book, mentees had to choose 5 drawings that represent them well. Among these 5 images they had to choose 1 representing what they want to do as their future job.



While I was taking photos and observing the work of the different tables, I talked with a mentor who was saying to me that her mentee was doing very well and she seemed really proud of her. She was commenting a picture representing a world map with a compass and the hands of a person that seemed to be thinking about a future destination. Interesting choice!


Two mentees had fun playing piano and singing. They were really talented.  

After lunch, at 1 pm we started the “Rise and reach your goal” activity (오르락 내리락 니의 목표 이루기): On each table there was a board game (one with a park background and the other with a cinema background theme). Students had to think about goals to reach and express it on post-it papers, placed on top of the board. Then, on the same rules as the horse game they had to throw a dice (with a phone app) and move their pieces. The map was composed of ascending red arrows and descending blue arrows. If the piece was on the blue arrow they had to stick a post-it on the map writing something that could represent a barrier to reach their goal. On the contrary, if the piece was on the red arrow, they had to think about a solution to overcome present barriers or a positive tool to reach their goal.



From 3 pm to 4 pm, there was 1 hour break in another room. Mentees could dance, sing and take photos with cute stencils, print it and keep it as a souvenir. It was really fun for the students which were full of energy!


The last activity was “Find my own strengths” (나만의 강점 찾기) consisting in writing in their storybook what they thought were their strengths enabling then to reach their goals.


Day 3


The last day started at 10 am with the final “2 minute speech” (2분 스피치): a summary of all the exercises the students have done. During these 2 minutes they had to introduce themselves, said what kind of job they want to do in the future, why and gave their impression regarding the program. It was probably the most difficult exercise but almost all the mentees did a good job and their mentors were there to support them. On top of that, everyone was applauding in the room. The atmosphere was great!   


Overall impression:

Students have learnt to progressively better define what they wanted to do or become in the future through playful activities and methods.


Speakers, mentor leaders (멘토장) and mentors team did an excellent job mentoring this camp.

I was surprise to see that concentration and devotion where not lacking during the camp activities. The reason to this was probably the good balance between the break time and study activities.


They were all really enthusiastic and could express themselves at the end. This was probably the starting point for the students to reach their goals at least by the end of this 8-months mentoring program.



Miss Marion Zerbib (Intern at KODAF)  




 My name is Marion Zerbib, I am a French graduate student in Business. 

 I am doing a 5 month internship at KODAF and I am in charge of writing reports about 

 events organized by KODAF. 

 Every writing is the result of my personal observation and reflects only my point of view.



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